Daily Prompt: Success!

Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did

I think a time where everything I’d hoped would happen actually did was when I did the plastic surgery for eye. When I was in elementary school, I really wanted to do it and I hoped it because my eyes were so small and I wanted a big eyes that time. Even I planned to do it many times with my mom. But then I couldn’t make time to do it. So I waited the summer vacation time. And finally I did the eye plastic surgery. My feeling went up to the highest. 🙂 Now I am satisfied of my eyes. Everyone said that my eyes looks naturally and cannot tell I did the surgery or not. But you know? If you do the plastic surgery, then you want to do it more because you know that you became more prettier than before. So now I am in that situation. I want to do it more… I’m scary that I will addict in plastic surgery. Therefore, I’m thinking now…