Daily Prompt: Imperfection

Imperfections — in things, in people, in places — add character to life. Tell us about an imperfection that you cherish.

I think the beauty is one of the imperfection because everyone is not perfect. Some people has beautiful body shape but her face is not that beautiful and some people has pretty face but her body shape is not that good. So that I think no one is perfect in the world. Everyone has at least one imperfection. My face also not that pretty but I think my body shape is good… hahaha 🙂 I think if the person is too perfect, then he or she will have some problems. So I think imperfect is better than perfect. This is just my opinion. You don’t have to be a perfect person because you can change yourself during your life time. Therefore, it doesn’t matter. Let’s see. In Korea, many entertainer especially, the women, they are becoming more prettier and beautiful. You can change it like them. So don’t worry and don’t get stress too much. 😛


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