Daily Prompt: Escape!

Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from).

I have two escape plans. The first my ultimate escape plan was to go out with my friends and we were escaping from the school. When I was in korea, most of the day we were planned for going outside because we didn’t want to study. So one day, we were planned. The plan was to go out when the lunch time started. I was very excited and little bit nervous because that time was the first time we escaped from the school. On the other hand, I was afraid because if one teacher or the other teachers were saw us, then we would die or we would go to the principle office. But then that time, I didn’t care anything because I really wanted to go out. So our escape plan was successful. 🙂

My second escape plan was to make the eye disease with my friends. One day in school, many people were suffering from eye disease. So my friends and I were plan to made the eye disease. One of my friend, she was suffering from eye disease. Therefore, I touched her eyes then I touched my eyes with that hand and I played with her. My mom told me that don’t play with her because I could get the eye disease. But I wanted to have the eye disease. So I ignored my mom’s words. The next day, I got the eye disease. Even my friends were got it too. We were so happy that we don’t have to go to the school. This escape plan was successful too! 🙂


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