December 7, 2012 (English)

From Thursday after school, we practiced for the flash mob dance. Our practice finished at 4 o’ clock and my brother waited me until this time. I was thanked to my brother. But my brother was little bit mad because he wanted to go home first. I don’t know how to dance the shuffle dance. Only few of people could dance. So the dance was very hard to me. In the old days, my brother taught me the shuffle dance. That time also I couldn’t dance and still this time also I couldn’t dance. I want to dance but my body doesn’t follow me. Therefore, when I arrived at home, I told my brother that teaches me the shuffle dance. At night, my brother taught the shuffle dance to me and we watched the shuffle dance in YouTube. I was very envy them. They were so good in shuffle dance. I thought I danced same shuffle dance with my brother. But he said it’s different dance. I was tired. So I slept. Today in the morning, when I woke up, my legs were very hurt. I think because of the shuffle dance. Something pulls down my legs. I couldn’t walk properly. Even today after school, we had the rehearsal of the Central World. When the rehearsal finished, the flash mob group practiced the dance again. I called my brother that go home first because today he had the tutor. After finished practice, Ms.Shiela called me that can you be the emcee on Sunday? Really I’m not good in an emcee. I will do my best. Then, Alice and I went to the Big C for find the black skirt. There was no black skirt that fit to Alice. She is very thin. So she said she will find it tomorrow. When I rode the taxi, my shirt was wet. I don’t like this feeling. After ate the dinner, I practiced the shuffle dance again. I practiced few minutes, but still I couldn’t dance. I was so sad. God, why you didn’t give me the talent of dance? I really need it. Please give me now. I hope he will give the talent to me. Hahaha~! At night, we were discussed about the performances and costumes with Ms.Shiela in the Facebook. Then I showed the photo of my dress for the emcee. I have 3-4 dances to do. Maybe my legs are getting hurt. I’m scary that I cannot do the emcee properly 😦 Fighting!!!

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