December 4, 2012 (Journalism)

Today I couldn’t go to the school because of my passport. My passport was almost expired. So I have to change to the new passport. I went to the Embassy of Korean with my mom and my uncle. Before I went to the embassy, I took the photo of the passport. I wanted to change because my eyes were different from the old passport. When I went to the airport, the person who checked my passport, he said that did you surgery your eyes? That time I was little bit shy. I hate the passport photo. It looks ugly. I cannot cover my ears and eyebrows. When the photo came out, I wanted to take again because the photo was not nice. After that, we went to the embassy. I filled out the application paper. The employee was not kind. She didn’t smile to the visitor. Even she was a Korean. I don’t want to stay anymore. They don’t have the manner. We waited about 30 minutes. Then she said check the date in the embassy website. They think the passport will come around on 13th. If the passport doesn’t come on 13th, then I have to call in embassy. The passport should come in 13th because of the visa. I hope that it comes fast and early. After finished the passport, we went to the Emporium. We ate lunch in Fuji then we bought the vegetables and the fruits. I was little bit sleepy. My mom also said she was sleepy. But my mom didn’t sleep in the taxi. My uncle and I slept in the taxi. Even I came back to home, I watched the new Korean drama and then slept until 4:30 pm. Recently, the new Korean dramas came a lot. I thought tomorrow is not the holiday. However, tomorrow is the father’s day. Yeah~! When I woke up, I prepared for the tutor. My tutor teacher told me that I have to take the Toeic test.  I will take in January. The total score is 990. I’m scary that I will fail. I will do my best. OMG! The 2nd quarter exam is coming soon and Christmas break also coming soon too. Now I don’t know what to study first. Maybe this quarter, my grade will be lower than last quarter. This month I have a lot of performances to do. I hope I have many bodies. Sometimes I’m very tired. At night, we ordered the 2 chickens from the Korean shop. My uncle called his friend. Therefore, we ate together and we played the games with his daughter until 10:30 pm. I like my mom’s gag. She is really funny. My mouth cannot close. I was very full. I slept before but I’m still sleepy. I think I have a lot of sleep. Now the time is 11 o’clock already. My eyes are closing down slowly. I didn’t do yet the persuasive speech. 😦 I want to finish it quickly. So that I don’t have to waste the time in there. 

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