November 30, 2012 (english)

Today was Christmas program. So I went out from my house 6:30am because we have to arrive at school until 7 o’clock. When I arrived at school, there were few of people in the classroom. I waited Ms. Marie Tess in the A class. She said that we have to change the costume first. Therefore, I changed to the angel cloth and put the white powder on my face. The first time, we were going to wear the white mask but we had only one mask. So we painted our faces. The big happen was Ms. Marie Tess painted my hair with the painting for the wall. Yesterday, she asked to me that do you have whit wig? But I don’t have it. Then she said I have to paint my hair. I was very shocked. How can she paint my hair with the painting? She said that the painting is water base paint. However, I don’t understood. It is very crazy thing. Even the painting is not for the hair. How can I believe that it can remove? Everyone worry about my hair. The smell was bad too. My friend said it is once a life. My hair was getting harder and it became like a wig. If it cannot remove, I will dye my hair. The painting falls down into my eyelashes. It was kind of annoying. The first Christmas program started 8:30am. I climbed up to the ladder and Paul hold my waist. Then the curtain started opening the middle part of In Christ alone worship dance. I was holding the black paper until the dance finished. My arm was hurt. I didn’t know the song was long. But it was okay. After the first show, my friend told me that the hair was not gleaming and only the gloves and my costume were gleaming. I did all that for nothing. But Ms. Marie Tess said it was very perfect. We did two times. After the Christmas show finished, some people helped me took it out the painting. I went to the toilet with Joane for washing my hair.  I was very thanked to her. It can remove with the soap. We took about an hour for washing my hair. I think my hair will get more damaged. Everyone said they feel so bad to me. After school, I practiced the dancing for tomorrow performances and I went to the rent shop with Joane for return the angle wing. When I came back to home, I washed my hair first. I couldn’t wait anymore. I feel so poor to my lovely hair. My head was very dizzy because of the painting smell. The painting smell is not good for our health. I was sleepy. So I slept until 6pm. Still I’m very dizzy. I will not do this again and forever. This time is the last time. Tomorrow I have to go to the Central World. I’m scary that I will forget the dancing steps. I will do my best.  See you tomorrow *^^*

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