November 21, 2012 (ENGLISH)

From this week, we can write only one dairy but we have to write 500 words. In the morning, when I woke up, my mom said happy birthday to me. The birthday comes only one time in a year. Now I’m 17 years old for Thai age and 18 years old for Korean age. I’m getting old… I was happy because most of people remembered my birthday. My birthday was same with our fundraising day. So when I arrived at school, everyone started preparing the food and stuff and everyone was busy. Our class sold the Thai omelets, French-fried, and the nuggets. When I was helping our class, my friend brought the brownie cake and present. I was very thankful to her because she made the brownie cake by herself. During lunchtime, we were becoming busier than before. I helped fried the French-fried and making the eggs with On. The first time was little bit fun but when the time passed, my arms were getting hurt. My back was wet. So I entered the library with Joane. Suddenly On called me. So I went out from the library. Everyone sang the birthday song to me and gave the cute cake with the birthday presents. I was really thanked to my classmates. I think this month have a lot of people’s birthday. I will use the present well. The birthday presents were likeable. They already knew what I like. We sold everything until after school. I think our class got a lot of money. Even we sell the thread bracelet for fundraising. I ordered 3 thread bracelets with different colors. It was nice and cute. I like it. Our class is the best. After school, my brother and I came to home. In dinner, we celebrated for my birthday. Recently, the new Korean drama came out. The drama’s name is Full house take 2. If you watch only episode 1, then you will know the story until the end. I like to watch the drama. So even the drama is old or it already finished but I still watch it.

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